God is Here

clasped-hands-541849_960_720Gen. 41:46-57; 1 Cor. 4:8-20(21); Mark 3:7-19a

The book of Genesis is so rich in its stories.  Remember Joseph?  In our story today, Joseph has already interpreted not only his fellow prisoners’ dreams but the Pharaoh’s.  He has been seen favorably and has now risen to power.  At only thirty years old, all are bowing to Joseph.

The greatness of Joseph shines through.  As soon as he takes the reigns of power, he starts storing food – for seven years of plenty.  Then the seven years of drought begin.  Egypt is ready.

Where the OT lesson shows the power of action, the gospel lesson shows the power of God, and also the power of talk.  Jesus is having to escape on the Sea of Galilee by boat to avoid the crowds.  He has healed so many, they are coming in flocks.  The actions are speaking louder than words.

So often this is true in today’s society.  I see so many false prophets on the television spouting off about how to live Christlike lives.  These same folks are usually windbags who are filled with excuses to justify hording all the money they can get their hands on, declaring it to be God’s blessing, and dismissing those in need.  Well, there is a time for talk, and there is time for action.

I am also aware that I use a lot of words, and each weekday many, many words drop into your email box from me.  But I pray that I am not a windbag, but one who is pointing always to the Son of God.  We are not having to chase him down on the Sea of Galilee anymore, hoping to catch up.  He is all around us now.  All we must do is reach out our hands in love and we will find him.  Just like Joseph reached out.  Just like Jesus reached out.  Just like the apostles and saints that came after him.  He is here.


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