boas-5Looking for a resource I promised you?  It should be below!

Often when I lead an event that generates interest, someone will request a resource of mine.  Sharing is good!  If I have forgotten your request, you can drop me a note (scroll to the bottom).

Eucharistic Visitor Resources

Home Communion

Home Communion – enlarged print

Home Communion – booklet form (Word docx)

Eucharistic Visitor Training Guide

2016 Resources

Self Guided Labyrinth Walk – Solemn Reproaches

2016 09 18 – Sermon – Jesus Weirdest Parable

Blessing of the Stuffed Animals – my children’s sermon notes

2017 Resources

At Trinity Lutheran Church, I led a discussion of Calvin and Presbyterianism.  We talked through The Seal of the Presbyterian Church

Sermon on 2017 04 02 – Walking Through Graveyards – Trinity Lutheran

Liturgy for the Love Feast – This was the service at the Maundy Thursday Agape Feast celebrated in the FPCOKC Reception Center.

Buffalo Chicken Dip – A hit at the Agape Feast!

Blessing of Animals poster

Advent Devotional 2017 – Print

2018 Resources

2018 Stewardship Letter

FPC Employment Application


Spicy Vegan Potato Curry