Holy Saturday


AM Psalm 95 , 88; PM Psalm 27
Lam. 3:37-58; Heb. 4:1-16[AM]; Rom. 8:1-11[PM]

Life can be so filled with struggle.  Everywhere I see people struggling.  And it is not just the all-too-familiar stories of relationship struggles and heartbreak amongst my friends.  It is elsewhere too, into the stress and strain of unemployment and others with chaos in the workplace.  Then there are the traumatic stories of injury and illness that have touched so close to many of our hearts.

How, then, are we to believe the words of hope that come to us today.  In Romans, Paul reminds us to live our life in the spirit, not in the flesh and with the trappings of this world.

As believers, it is as if we have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth.  The struggle, as you are well aware, is the one foot on earth.  Our broken bodies and broken spirits are only the beginning of the trials of this life.

Our hope, we are told, is that one foot in heaven.  There is a better life that awaits us.  And in the meantime, we can share the hope of the gospel with those around us.  We can support one another in these difficult times, trying our best to create a little bit of heaven here on earth, with touches of heaven – togetherness, listening, care, compassion.  The ingredients of love seem harder and harder to come by in daily lives when jobs are on the line or when people are suddenly gone from our midst due to death or suicide.

In these times we must focus on the heart of the gospel message: that God is in this together with us.  We are not alone.

Today is Holy Saturday, a day when we sit in the reality of death, celebrating our Lord’s death.  Celebrating?  Yes, because we know that because of his death and they way he loved wastefully, even to the point of giving his life and his love away, that we are transformed.  Because of his death we already have one foot in heaven, buried with him in our own baptism and made alive again with one foot still on this earth, being the resurrected Body of Christ. We are not alone.  God is here.

I hope you walk through this day with the image of one foot on earth and one foot in heaven, because it is true.  God loves us all with an everlasting love, and eternal life is already upon us, here and now.  In that is the freedom to live as one foot in heaven already, loving wastefully with everyone in our midst.



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