Cathedral Window Tour


Wisdom 9:1, 7-18; Col. (3:18-4:1)2-18; Luke 7:36-50

Today at Noon at FPCOKC there will be a Window Tour.  I invite you to come.  Bring a friend.  Spend your lunch hour gazing at windows and learning about God’s miraculous story for you.

This 45-minute tour will be your opportunity to see and hear an overview of all of our 73 Willet stained glass windows.  It will also be your last opportunity to see the giant West Transcept Window before it undergoes major repair, damaged by the straight winds of a couple weeks ago.

I am also leaving First Presbyterian on June 15, 2017.  This will give me some time to focus more on my presbytery responsibilities as well as explore some new vocational paths.  That being said, this may be one of my last tours.  (That is unless you schedule a private tour, which is the best way to do it!)

It has been an extraordinary ride.  By my best counts, I have had over 2,400 people attend my Cathedral Window Tour alone!  This is the general tour that covers a little bit of everything.  Then there have been the special Lenten offerings.  The Hidden Symbols and Making of Stained Glass Tour has been popular too.  The tours at SpiritFest have been the most lively, often with many folks who have never been in the building before, and we do the Witness & Faith tour, which is all Holy Spirit!

Last Wednesday I led what I affectionately called my “Goodbyes in the Windows” Tour.  We sat in the chapel and explored the many ways Christ, the prophets, and apostles have said their goodbyes.  I know many of you were shedding tears as I spoke.  And it is sad to say goodbye to one’s ministry.  To those of you whose heart breaks, just know that God is bigger than all of this.  I was never meant to stay at FPCOKC forever.  We have laughed and learned together, broken bread together, and explored God’s wondrous grace together.

All that continues!  Just not with me as your pastor.

And I will still be in the building, building up the body of Christ at the presbytery level.  There are a lot of ways to relate to someone other than pastor.

In the meantime, let us enjoy the time we have, celebrate the wondrous mysteries of God, and rest in the providential care of God – which is so beautifully depicted in our windows.  Come see!

See you at Noon.



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