Hide & Seek


Ezek. 11:14-25; Heb. 7:1-17; Luke 10:17-24

There is nothing like a good game of Hide & Seek.  As a child I loved it.  Now as an adult as I play it with kids, I wonder why I loved it so much.  It is sorta dumb when you think about it.  But from Peek-a-Boo with little ones, to Sardines with the Youth, it always brings a HUGE smile to my face.  Just writing these words I have the dumbest grin, flooded with fond memories of Hide and Seek at all ages.

The power of the kingdom of heaven is growing in our passage from Luke today.  The seventy return – the ones who have been sent out to perform miracles – and they proclaim, “Even the demons submit to us!”  Jesus then does something that challenges the disciples.  He thanks God “…because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants.”

There is nothing like hiding the good news to get people intrigued.

Of course, the passage continues….  Jesus states privately to the disciples, “…many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, but did not see it.”  Do you see?!  So the disciples are counted among the infants who have little knowledge.

Jesus is speaking of the world on its head.  The people who think they know it all actually don’t get it as much as they thought.  By framing it as Hide and Seek, not only do the disciples get intrigued, but they begin to think about the conundrums of life in a different way.  Jesus reframes their world order.

Even the prophets of God didn’t understand as well, because they were not in the presence of the Son of the Father.  Jesus presents himself as a missing link to understanding.  And he is demanding of us an emptying of self, and taking on him as the missing link of our lives.  Through him the miracles flow and power abounds.  Through him all glory and honor become focused and understandable.

The good news for today is that at the end of the day we are FOUND.  We have had the privilege to not only peer in on God’s power, but to experience it firsthand.  The kingdom of heaven has spread through time and space, all the way to my doorstep, and all the way into my heart.  I have become a recipient of this grace, and now I can become a part of the seventy who were sent out to share the good news!  And all that begins now!  This morning!


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