On the Move


1 Samuel 18:5-16,27b-30Acts 11:19-30Mark 1:29-45

Many of you may have noticed the recent break from Morning Reflections around the beginning of July.  Between family reunions in Wisconsin and deaths in the family, it has been a very busy summer.

What I realized during my time away from writing is the power of God on the move.  I did not need my office or my Bible or my alone time for God to speak powerfully to me.  I suppose I could look at the years of contemplative prayer as practice, but God is always finding ways to speak to us if we need to hear.

Our lessons for today reflect our God on the move.  In 1 Samuel, we see a shift to David in power, with Saul, the people, and God all coming to terms with David as the new leader.  In Mark, we see Jesus on the move, but the extraordinary magnetism of his power, as people are brought from near and far to be healed.  In Acts, we see the church on the move.

If you take a step back from the Bible and look for overarching themes, one you will find is that God is on the move.  God moves over the waters at Creation.  God moves out into foreign lands.  God takes the law from stone tablets and is on the move – into human hearts.  God comes to earth, and spends a good bit of time on the move, only to die and witness his church move to all the corners of the earth. 

I pray that you will find God on the move in your life today, and that God will follow you to work and to lunch and to your family time and to your alone time too.


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