Actions Speak Louder Than Words


1 Samuel 21:1-15Acts 13:13-25Mark 3:7-19a

Our gospel lesson today shows the power of God at work, and also the power of talk.  Jesus is having to escape on the Sea of Galilee by boat to avoid the crowds.  He has healed so many, they are coming in flocks.  The actions are speaking louder than words.

So often this is true in today’s society.  Many churches talk a good talk, but I don’t see much action.  I see a sleepy church during the week, and the only activity on Sunday.  This is not the life we were called to.

We are about the same thing Jesus was about – changing lives.  Throughout the week we spread the love of God.  So the question comes to each of our churches – are we hording all the money we can get their hands on, declaring it to be God’s blessing, and dismissing those in need?  Or are we reaching out to our communities and transforming lives?

There is a time for talk, and there is time for action.

I have served churches that seem to have this all mixed up.  They spend a lot of times maintaining their massive facades and little time investing in ACTION in their communities.  It is no wonder God’s Spirit has blown to other churches.  This is not what we are called to do.  We are called to lose our lives in order to gain them.

It is time for us to follow in Jesus’ steps – to get active – to lay hands on our communities and heal them – to get involved in every aspect of our communities’ lives.

That is the Gospel!


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