Calming the Storm


1 Samuel 25:23-44Acts 14:19-28Mark 4:35-41

In Mark, Jesus stills a storm.

As is often, New Testament themes pick up on Old Testament themes, or fulfillment of them.  A great windstorm overcomes their small boat on the Sea of Galilee, reminiscent of the storm in Job.  And yet, he is asleep, again reminiscent of Job, and a typical posture of trust in God.  Then, reminiscent of many of the Psalms, the others plea for deliverance, and the wind is silenced.

The story comes to a head with the final line of the story, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” 

This is the question we all have to answer.  For many our answer is “Jesus is the Messiah,” and that changes the trajectory of how we live.  Jesus is the one who calms the storms of our lives.  Whether it be great sins, or cancer, or death, or even just a lack of trust, God is delivering us from it all.


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