Healing Can’t Come Soon Enough


2 Samuel 7:18-29Acts 18:12-28Mark 8:22-33

I have often wondered what it must have been like to stand in Jesus’ presence and see the miracles he performed.  Or can you imagine being this blind man of our passage today in Mark, and seeing for the first time, after Jesus rubbed my eyes?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if Jesus showed up these days?  How much healing would need to be done?  Sometimes we are so blind—as a people, as a church, as individuals.  I look into our healthcare system and see a lack of compassion.  There are a lot of tests and procedures, but not a whole lot of face to face time with the doctor anymore.

I also see much of the Church that by and large has become silent or complacent to politicians who lie, who lack empathy, and who disrupt safety and security, trading in the nation’s security for their own self-interests.  When will we have the courage to see the truth and speak against the hypocrisy and stand up for principals of truth, justice, and freedom once again?

It all reminds me that we are a broken people, desperately in need of Jesus’ touch.

I sense that so many of us need Jesus’ touch in this time, not just to cure us from shadow governments and the Russian mafia, but we need him to come and heal our broken lives, broken relationships.  And like this blind man at Bethsaida, we need to muster the faith and courage to move forward, knowing that Christ will be there to continue the healing.

Part of this is having the courage to know we need healing.  We are a fractured people, who either don’t know the truth, or don’t even care what the truth is anymore.

The world looks so hazy.   “Can you see anything?” Jesus is asking us.

“Yes, we can see, but things are still fuzzy.”  I know we need that second touch, to be fully restored.

Are you one needing that second healing touch of Jesus?  Are you feeling broken?  Know that you are in the hands of the One who is in all and through all and for all.

He alone has the power to touch us and heal us.


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