Scripture’s Power


Jer. 37:3-211 Cor. 14:13-25Matt. 10:24-33

I am back from a week-long conference.  The Mid Council Leaders Gathering was delightful time of connections and relationship-building.  Unfortunately I had limited internet and then came back with a nasty head cold.  It’s gonna be a rough day.

I turned to our scripture for today and that didn’t help my state of mind.  The readings are strange at best.  They speak of thoughts of the mind, speaking foreign languages, cutting old family ties, and the cost of discipleship.  Out of context they hardly make sense, and it is difficult to reflect on them in many ways.

Sometimes what is required is a step back from scripture.  One must see things in their context, or understand the underlying plot at hand.  Too often I see preachers zone in on a small slice of scripture and totally misrepresent it.  This can be almost universally experienced with television preachers.  There is sooo much bad preaching on TV!

What is required is critical thinkers for Christ.  We need deep thinkers, and people willing to spend a life-time reflecting on how these words are true.

That is, in many ways, what you are doing by enrolling in Morning Reflections!  You are committing yourself to daily scripture reading – to a broader understanding, a contextual understanding.  I am thankful to be able to share these random thoughts with you and engage in daily prayer and study with you.

Sometimes I think very intensely about these scripture.  Just not today.  My head hurts.

Today is a day to just let the texts wash over me.  Sometimes even that can be a comfort.


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