Taste and See


Neh. 6:1-19Rev. 10:1-11Matt. 13:36-43

There is a strange and disgusting image in Revelation today – that of eating a scroll.  Having eaten a note in middle school to try to hide it from being discovered by the teacher, I know exactly what we are talking about here – disgusting!

But the image is clear.  I will put my Law within you.  It is a common image in scripture surprisingly.  There are a number of times we are eating scrolls, or hearing about how God will write God’s Word on our hearts, or we will inwardly digest them, or what have you.

I wonder when this is going to happen in this beloved country of ours…a day when we will “study war no more” and “beat our swords into plowshares.”  We are a violent culture.  And we seem to be increasingly distant from God who calls us into justice, freedom, and peace.  We seem content with guns and violence and chaos at every turn.

I invite you into a counter-cultural movement.  It is not going to be popular.  But it is going to revolutionize your life.  I want to invite you into the heart of Christ.

I have to warn you.  It will not be easy.  But it will leave you with a sense of peace and focus and joy that may be completely unimaginable to you up until now.

It will also mean your life may start to look a lot different.  For some of you, you will wake up and realize that guns have no place in your home.  You will start making choices in your family that impact your activities, your routine, your friends.  You will notice your Sundays look a lot different than they do now.

Others of us have come to see the joy of universal healthcare.  We have watched as Christ shaped our political affiliations.  Yet others of us have made vocational changes that have completely disrupted our families.  Others come to a new understanding about their bodies, seeking help with addiction that has gone untreated for way too long.  Others find their friends changing and shifting.  New relationships begin.  Old relationships go away.

I have to warn you, friends, if you start following Christ your life may feel completely disrupted for a time.  You may not feel yourself.  Not just your schedule is impacted, but every fiber of your being.

It may take months for you to get to a “new normal”.

Nevertheless, I invite you into this life.  I do so because I know what joy and peace can look and feel like.  I know that it is the best medicine for this broken world.


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