Divine Power (and demand for action!)


1 Macc. 1:1-28Rev. 19:1-10Matt. 16:1-12

Our New Testament readings today deal with DIVINE POWER and its effects.

The Revelation passage is a wonderful description of rejoicing in heaven.  The thunderpeals and bright, pure, fine linen are only small examples.  All of creation, it seems, is rejoicing God.

In Matthew, Jesus warns of the Pharisees and Sadducees inability to read the signs of the time.  He then speaks of the “yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees” and their ability to yield nothing from their teaching.  The people don’t hear him correctly, and Jesus reminds them of the feeding of the five thousand.

This passage is a balancing act, reminding us that it is not just about faith, but about action.  It is not enough to multiply faith, but to feed mouths.  I read these words in the context of recent events – a morally corrupt government with no moral compass, leaders who pad the pockets of the rich, a failure of healthcare reform, and a flimsy attempt at tax reform that has little if any chance of passing because of the public’s disdain for it and its lack of reform for the poor and middle class – all reminders that having faith is not enough; it must be backed up with appropriate action.

If you are thinking “Matt should stay out of politics,” ask yourself what Jesus topic is today.  He is interested in people transforming the world with the simple act of kindness – responding to poverty and feeding others.

They are powerful readings today – exploding with imagery and demands on our lives.  They are a tall order.


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