Advent Devotionals

I have decided to take a break from Morning Reflections for most of Advent.  For one thing, I have a Clerk’s Colloquium coming up that takes me out of pocket for a few days.  Then there is the annual family Christmas in New Orleans.

I will be back up and running for the 12 Days of Christmas.

OK, let me encourage you: A number of our seminaries have Advent devotionals.  Let Advent be a change of pace for you, and engage with one of them.  Pittsburgh’s is nice, free, easy to access, and written by many of their doctoral students.  You can download the whole PDF, or download their app.

pittsburghThe Pittsburgh Seminary’s Advent Devotional is available through a free app for your Android or Apple device. Look for an icon like the one on the left.  Visit the Google Play Store or iTunes Store and search for “Devotions – Advent & Lent” or follow these link from your mobile device: (Android) or (Apple).

May this time of waiting and preparation become for you a time of anticipation and joy.


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