3, 2, 1…Connect


Gen. 11:1-9Heb. 6:13-20John 4:1-15

Genesis is chuck full of wonderful themes and intrigue.  The theme of “the Fall” is one of them.  It goes well beyond the story of Adam and Eve, but permeates the whole book.  Certainly we see in each of our lives how easily frayed our relationships can become, both from God and from each other.  It is easy to relate to Genesis.

Today’s story of the Tower of Babel certainly fits into that theme.  As the story goes, the whole earth had one language and the same words.  Human pride gets in the way, and the punishment is that language and speech are jumbled.  Before the “fall” was about humans falling away from God; now they are falling away from each other.

As the human population grew, the fray only continued.  People became divided politically, socially, and economically.  That divide continues until today.

I am fascinated by our smartphones and how these little devices are revolutionizing our communications.  We stand at the precipice of a fascinating age of connectivity, never seen before in human history, which I suspect will not end.  What an exciting opportunity for the church – to once again reclaim its Pentecostal message that exhibits oneness and community in the body of Christ.

Just the other day I was talking online with a Coptic priest serving a number of churches in Ethiopian.  How exciting.  It takes mission and evangelism to a whole new level when we can have live interactive discussions with people around the world at any moment.

We are a Christian community stand in opposition to the Tower of Babel – beyond to the other side of its complementary story of the Pentecostal fire where those who spoke different languages began to understand one another.

The question is “What will we do with our time and how will God use us?”


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