Jacob’s Ladder


Gen. 27:46-28:4,10-22Rom. 13:1-14John 8:33-47

Jacob senses he is in a bind today.  So do Isaac and Rebekah.  Plans are made for Jacob to escape Esau’s fury.  He is sent outside the land of Canaan to find a wife – to the house of Laban, Rebekah’s sister.

Isaac once again blesses Jacob, which Esau comes to know.  The wedge between these two brothers grows deeper and deeper.  Esau’s anger becomes like poison.

Then God comes to Jacob in a dream – his first vision from God – of a ladder set up on the earth, reaching toward heaven, with the angels ascending and descending.  The Lord stood by and declares a similar promise to Jacob that God gave to his father and grandfather: land and progeny.

The whole sequence of events, in fact the whole cycle of Jacob is one of progeny, of blessing through generativity.  God chooses life, and chooses to move in mysterious ways, bending or breaking human rules.  We see God’s wisdom in hindsight. Who would have wanted angry Esau to rule the people?  God saw that coming.

In today’s world, stories like this seem antiquated and odd.  But if one is going to talk about a God of life and a God of blessing, what better way to see that than spilling forth from generation to generation.  With twists and turns, somehow God’s grace marches on, eventually getting all the way to us.

May God’s grace march on, through the struggles and travails of life, and show us the way – a way of blessing and abundance even though we may not see it yet.



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