Frederick Douglass


Gen. 37:12-24; 1 Cor. 1:20-31Mark 1:14-28 

[Frederick Douglass]

Today, in addition to some very good readings, it is also the feast day of Frederick Douglass, an early abolitionist here in America, and an advocate of education and desegregation of our schools way before that was a topic most people were thinking about.

Everyone needs to know about Frederick Douglass, especially if we are going to get serious in this country about fighting inequality, poverty, and injustice in ways that actually matter.  So often we say that, but it is just fluff.  So often we sugar coat the argument, post a meme on Facebook, but are unwilling to address the real issue.  I could argue that our gun violence actually fits in to this – and our incessant desire to stay living in sin and inequality as a people.

It is time to repent, turn around, and embrace the stories of those who have fought against injustice and paved the way for us to be a better people.  It is time for us to follow the path blazed by the great Frederick Douglass.

So pray with me:

Almighty God, we bless your Name for the witness of Frederick Douglass, whose impassioned and reasonable speech moved the hearts of people to a deeper obedience to Christ: Strengthen us also to speak on behalf of those in captivity and tribulation, continuing in the Word of Jesus Christ our Liberator; who with you and the Holy Spirit dwells in glory everlasting. Amen.

If you would like to know more about Frederick, click the link above.


2 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass

  1. Thank you for remembering Frederick Douglas and introducing him to people on this Black History month. Too often our focus is on Dr. King, and that’s not bad, it just fails to expand our knowledge of great people who worked to change the world.

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