Hot Air

hot air

Gen. 41:46-57; 1 Cor. 4:8-20(21)Mark 3:7-19a


The gospel lesson today shows the power of God, and also the power of talk.  Jesus is having to escape on the Sea of Galilee by boat to avoid the crowds.  He has healed so many, they are coming in flocks.  The actions are speaking louder than words.

So often this is true in today’s society.  I see so many false prophets on the social media and television spouting on and on about how to live “blessed lives” but rarely seem to get around to talking about Christlike lives.  They are often windbags who are filled with excuses to justify hording all the money they can get their hands on, declaring it to be God’s blessing, and dismissing those in need.  Well, there is a time for talk, and there is time for action.

I too use a lot of words.  Am I full of hot air?

Each weekday a whole lot of words from me drop into your email box.  I pray I am not a windbag, but has helped point you to God.  We are not having to chase the Son of God down on the Sea of Galilee anymore, hoping to catch up.  He is all around us now.  All we must do is reach out our hands in love and we will find him.  Just like Joseph reached out.  Just like Paul reached out.  Just like Jesus.  Just like the apostles and saints that came after him.  He is here.

He is here, and he is not full of hot air, or just words, but a Savior who reaches out and touches us with healing power.  Our God is a God of actions matching those words of power and hope.


1 thought on “Hot Air

  1. Matt,
    You are not full of hot air, believe me. Instead, I learn much from your posts. Be assured that you are serving God with your blog, for I am a witness and I am sure there are others. Keep dropping God’s words to us that follow you.


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