General Assembly is Coming!


As many of you know, General Assembly is coming!  This is the every other year meeting of the national church governing body, called the General Assembly.

As a mid-council leader, and the only one here in Indian Nations Presbytery, it is my duty to attend and support the work of the committees and commissioners.

As a pastor as well as a mid-council leader, it is my deep desire to connect the work of the General Assembly with every Oklahoma Presbyterian, to see the church at work, and see how the work of the presbytery, synods, and General Assembly filter into our lives together.

And so these Morning Reflections will take a pivot.  I will most likely turn into a social media butterfly, and through Twitter mainly provide daily reporting from the floor of General Assembly.  Sometimes the news media picks up on the weirdest things.  I hope to provide a little bit more realistic reporting than the national media, and tie you in to work of the Assembly that may not get splashed on the front page of a newspaper, but is highly important for our lives together, from new denominational leadership to world issues like creation care will all be under consideration.  There will also be a daily Morning Reflection of the daily highlights.

Feel free to follow me here for the daily summary through your subscription to Morning Reflections.

Follow me on Twittter: @mattmeinke

You may also want to look for news at the Presbyterian Outlook:

If you are a real GA junkie, you can always go to: and which is how the commissioners connect to all the business of the assembly.  There will be a live-stream of floor debate as well.

I will leave Friday.  Be praying for me, and all those involved in our General Assembly.


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