Preparing for GA


Today I am off to St. Louis and to General Assembly!

I barely got away too.  Last night I was surrounded by standing water, stopped drains, and a plumber.  AAhh, the joys of home ownership!  But off I go, with good friends in charge of Bentley and the house.  Be praying for them!!! Between the cursed house and the crazy dog, I pray they don’t have their hands full.

So my Morning Reflections take a turn, and as I mentioned a couple posts ago, I will be providing some highlights of our assembly here as part of my Morning Reflections.

The 223rd meeting of the General Assembly will take place Saturday, June 16 through Saturday, June 23.  There are several resources a person can use to stay connected to all that is happening at GA.

The first is THIS BLOG of mine, which will provide a firsthand account from me and other presbytery leadership.  It will be a little bit of DAILY HIGHLIGHTS, a little bit of firsthand BEHIND THE SCENES, and I hope lifting up some of the extraordinary and wonderful things that our denomination is involved with, well past what may get splashed on the front page of a paper.


  • The GA 223 newspaper can be received electronically this year.  Sign up here.


  • Opening Worship – Saturday, June 16, 11am (Central time)
  • Moderator Election – Saturday, June 16, 7pm (Central time)
  • Information here


See you in St. Louis!


2 thoughts on “Preparing for GA

  1. Hey there—have been away a lot and glad to get the update from you re: GA.

    Home for a couple weeks before taking off again. Hope to talk to you soon. e

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