General Assembly – Day 8


The marathon day of the Assembly is over!!!

The Assembly adopted broad strategies to fight institutional racism, environmental racism, injustice, gun violence, and nationalism. Divestment was voted down. Other practices were adopted to support climate science, fight climate change, and care for the earth that God has entrusted to our care.

It was days like yesterday that make me proud to be Presbyterian.

It was a long day.  Divestment debate went on for some time.  And in the end, divestment was soundly rejected, as the 223rd General Assembly voted against divestment (409-106); and the stakes for what was adopted was increased, as a short-list for possible selective divestment in 2020 was inserted, naming specific companies.

I hope those who advocated for a fossil free PCUSA don’t forget that which was passed.  They did not lose.  The Church did not lose.  The way forward is still for broad support for alternative forms of energy.  The PCUSA is committed to wind and solar technologies. Natural gas, nuclear, and every other initiative to move the church and the world to reduce their carbon footprint were all adopted. The MRTI group will continue to fight and advocate for the climate entrusted to our care.

One of the pieces of this is the Assembly’s strong stand is against environmental racism.  Communities of color are disproportionally hurt by climate change.  That may be why the Advisory Committees on Social Witness Policy, Racial Ethnic Concerns, and Women’s Concerns all stood opposed to divestment.  And the Assembly wisely agreed.

There will be a Synod of the Sun event in Norman on Nov 2-3 that will include the MRTI folk.  I hope you mark your calendar now.  It should be an engaging discussion on the plan as we move forward to protect our environment.

Many of us Mid-Council leaders planned to stand in solidarity with the #MeToo movement on this bow tie Friday which is quite a thing with J. Herbert. Pictured above is Ruth Clendenin, the Stated Clerk of Palo Duro Presbytery, Sara Dingman, the Synod Executive at Lincoln Trails and me.

Over 200 of us wore pink bow ties or pink shirts.

There was so much more, and I will sum it up tomorrow. Last day!




2 thoughts on “General Assembly – Day 8

  1. I find it sad that the General Assembly did not plan grand strategies regarding the spreading of the Gospel.
    It appears to me from your email that the Church is focusing on politics rather than main and true mission which is to tell the “Good News.” I am convinced that if we would focus on what the Lord told us in Matthew 28: 18-20 that it would solve a lot of problems and the world would be a better place. Of course, I just a lay man who has spent a lot of time in the scriptures and in prayer. Who am I to questions my learned (?) scholars. There is old saying, “mixing of politics and religion corrupts both.”

    Jerry Otis

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    • Jerry! Good to hear from you. How is Kay? How are the grandkids? About General Assembly….sounds like we have different definitions of good evangelism. What I see in these younger generations is an authenticity and willingness to speak up for injustice at every turn. They are using their voices and speaking out in profound ways, much like the God of the OT stood up to powers and principalities. If reaching out to our young people, and engaging them in proclaiming the good news along with us isn’t good evangelism I don’t know what is!


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