A Great Yield, A Great Time

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Ecclus. 6:5-17Rev. 7:9-17Luke 10:1-16

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

The Bible is filled with challenge – to live better lives, to live into LOVE, to stretch and challenge oneself in terms of following God.  And that is one way to read this passage: “There is a lot to do, but only a few who will do it.”

But there is another way to read this, in the light of the agrarian society in which Jesus lived, surrounded by farmers, shepherds, and people tied to the land used to harvests:  “There are only a handful of farmers, but LOOK AT THE MIRACULOUS BOUNTY they are able to produce!”

Growth in the kingdom sometimes comes easy, other times is a challenge.

I just got back from the journey of a lifetime.  The Journeys of Paul, with the help of Royal Caribbean, Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, and the fellowship of folks from Covenant Presbyterian Church, FPCOKC, First Pres in Duncan, as well as my mother, her friend Liisa, Jean Nelson’s sister Mary, and a group from Educational Opportunities that was eager to learn about Paul and walk in his steps.

Of course we had time for a lot of fellowship, floating around on a large cruise ship.  There was time to learn, yes.  But there was time to cut loose, speak plainly with one another, and grow in the faith.  Some of the more remarkable conversations I had came with some of our younger clergy, discovering these lands for the first time, and seeing their own strengths in ministry play out as they served along side fellow pilgrims they did not know.

I am thankful for times of rest and relaxation, and times of growth in the kingdom when you perhaps least expect it.

It was a great yield.

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2018-10-15 12.08.41.jpg


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