Beer & Hymns


I have begun as the new General Presbyter for Maumee Valley Presbytery.  One of the joys of this new position is fostering healthy relationships in this region – between ministers, leaders, churches, denominationally – wherever.

Some in Christian circles might question fellowship like “Beer and Hymns” that seems to center around alcohol consumption.  But to focus on that is to miss the point.  Martin Luther, one of the churches early reformers, was keenly aware of how the church needed to reconnect with the masses and change their ways.  He was also connected to the people, and was a frequent patron of the local pub.  He knew where people hung out, and first and foremost was a priest and a pastor to his flock.

We too live in a world that aches for God, and needs to hear of the redemptive love that Jesus Christ offers.  And so Beer and Hymns comes to Maumee Valley as it does every month.  It is a time to connect with our flocks in a different way – a relaxed almost playful way.

I encourage you to come.

And if you struggle with alcohol, you don’t have to partake.  I, for instance, have developed an allergy to most beer with the genetic modification of grain proteins.  So I may have a cider.  But no beer for me.

It will be a time of singing, fellowship, and some fine malts!  Come hang with your pastor and get to know her or him on a different level.  Make a new friend in another part of the presbytery.

See you at the Black Cloister Brewing Company on Monroe St. in Toledo.  7pm.  Sunday.


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