Journey to the Holy Land 2020

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In January 2020, I will once again lead a trip to Israel/Palestine.  Every couple years I run a trip (most recently a Journeys of Paul cruise through Italy, Greece, Malta), and every fourth year or so I venture with a band of pilgrims to walk the steps of Jesus.

I would love for you to consider joining us.  It will transform your walk with God.

If you have not been to the Holy Land, prayed on the Sea of Galilee, swum in the Dead Sea, or walked the Via Dolorosa up the road to Calvary, consider this pilgrimage of a lifetime.  Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Jordan River, Jericho, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre: they all hold a special place in my heart.

When I was a student in Israel the professors would talk about the “Fifth Gospel” and I was perplexed.  Had someone canonized a book without me knowing it?  What is this heresy? “You can’t understand the first four Gospels, Matt, until you understand the fifth gospel,” I was told. 

Come to find out the Fifth Gospel was the land itself, and the story the land told.  This is something they helped me to understand, as well as the wonderful guides I have had over the years, most notably Shafik Khbeis, who despite his young age completely transformed the way I saw the Holy Land.  He was our guide when we went last time in 2017, and having been so many times I went with a chip on my shoulder thinking I knew everything.  Boy was I wrong!  Shafik helped me to understand I will always be a student of the Land, ever growing in my knowledge of the Fifth Gospel.  (He is the one kneeling above in the 2017 group pic.)

To speak simply, after arriving in the Holy Land, the scriptures opened up to me in a new way – like the difference between black & white TV and High-Definition Color.

It has forever changed the way I see those Old Testament stories and brought the Gospel to LIFE.  I pray it will transform your walk with God too.

Consider giving yourself this gift, and join us in walking in Jesus’ steps.

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I am particularly excited about the Optional Extensions I have planned this time around: the Wonders of Jordan/Petra/& the Dead Sea; Cairo & the Route of the Exodus; Nile Cruise Extension; Judea & Samaria Extension; or a 3 Night Jerusalem Extended Stay.  


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