Beyond Comprehension


Job 8:1-10, 20-22; Acts 10:17-33; John 7:14-36

By the time we get done with this bizarre election cycle, I get the sense I will know everything there is to know about Trump and Clinton.  I will have read all her emails, and I will have seen him take every possible stand on every issue that is possible defending each view point.

Sometimes I wonder if I know too much.  The 24 hour news cycle, with cameras following them and every Olympic athlete is almost too much.

Not so with Jesus.  No cameras or paparazzi following him.  In fact part of the story of the Gospel of John is now Jesus remains hidden – enshrouded in mystery.  Part of the awesomeness of God – and specifically Jesus – is that we don’t get it.

What I like about John’s words is the mystery and conundrum itself.  Not only are his words about Jesus difficult, but Jesus himself is elusive and confusing.  That’s part of the story!!!  People didn’t get him!  At times we see how hard that was for Jesus himself.

To me it is comforting to know that this is all above and beyond comprehension.  God is awesome and his love is unfathomable.  We get glimpses occasionally…if we are lucky.

I suppose I will spend lifetime trying to get to know God.

And that’s OK.


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