Hope and Change


Job 29:1-20; Acts 14:1-18; John 10:31-42

There came a point at which the disciples’ lives changed.  That “change” is witnessed in the gospel of John.  Something new happens – something extraordinary with Jesus, the incarnate God.  Something is rising from the ashes of extinguished hope to lift them to new heights of hope and change.

Are we a people filled with that kind of hope?  Or are we people who are burnt out and consumed with the ploddings of daily life.  Because it seems to me that some of us are down.  Some of us seem to have lost that fire and that spirit that we once had.

Personally I have been battling allergies, which seem in full force.  I suspect our new pastor is battling the same thing.  It is also an election year, and the media is on spin cycle so much that some of us get that glazed over look.  Hillary. Trump. Hillary. Trump  Oh, give it a rest already.

Yet others of us are consumed by our children’s back to school routines and the daily stresses of our jobs.  We have fallen into the groove – the drudgery.  Have we forgotten that are true lives are like that of the phoenix and that we have risen from the ashes to a new life?

Today can be an exciting new beginning!  Our chance is now!  The world is at our doorstep hungry for change – hungry for a new breath of fresh air in this world of stale hope.

We are also nearing an important anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  My hope and prayer is that this one will be not just about looking back and remembering, but looking forward and grabbing on to the same courage and working toward a brighter future.  Looking deeply into scripture needs to be the same process.

We can bring that message of hope and light.  We don’t just read scripture, and then say “That’s nice” and put it down and never do anything with it.  Through it we can see beyond the grave – knowing that God is on our side and that the world has yet to see the greatest chapter.  But we must step up.  We must claim the joy that comes from serving others.  We must claim the joy of possibility.  We must see beyond ourselves to the prize that awaits.

And what is that prize?  It is laid out in scripture.  It is a day of no more suffering – no more pain.  And we are a part of making that happen.  We must spread the joy and the peace.  It may be as simple as taking some time to listen to a friend, or helping a neighbor.  It may be simple gestures of loving-kindness.  But it begins that spreading of joy and hope.

So start small.  But aim big.  For God is on our side.  And God can lead us to the joy eternal.


1 thought on “Hope and Change

  1. Hey Matt, thanks for today’s scripture reading and your comments!  We miss you and hope things are going well for you.  Our Sooners need to buckle down and play like they are capable of playing.  Anyway, Kay and I think of friends back “home.”  Kay and Jerry Otis


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