You are IN!


Ruth 1:1-14; 2 Cor. 1:1-11; Matt. 5:1-12

There are those who would like us cast aside the immigrants and refugees of our day.  Have these people even read their Scriptures?  All throughout the Old and New Testament we are called to a better way – to ever-widening circles of love, family, inclusion, grace as I talked about yesterday in my sermon.

Ruth is a great example, which we begin reading today.  Ruth – a Moabite, a foreigner – who then joins the line of David, a descendant of Jesus.

In Matthew we encounter the Beatitudes.  Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount, in which he raises the bar for all those cast aside by society, and lifts them up, especially immigrants and refugees.

If you want to proof-text you can get the Bible to say just about anything.  Heck, there is a verse about rejecting the Moabite in your midst.  But if you keep reading…….

If you keep reading what you encounter is that God’s love is expanding, and we are called to be a part of that.  There is always danger in prooftexting.  But when you read the entirety of scripture the trajectory is clear, and it can be summed up in the words of the Sermon on the Mount.  There is a call to action – and that action is based in grace, love, and inclusion for all God’s people.

Read on, my friends.  And encounter the awesome good news for Gentiles and Jews alike – that we are already engrafted into God’s family and loved with an everlasting love.


1 thought on “You are IN!

  1. This is so good, Your sermon yesterday was /_OUTSTANDING._/

    Elizabeth said when it was over she wanted to stand up and CHEER. Too bad, we are so Presbyterian and decorous! Love, Elaine


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